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jessyistired's Journal

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20 May
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Hello everyone! You can either call me Jessica or Jessy.
I am a young adult who enjoys nothing more than collecting random things.
I have a fascination with cute things: Anime (Naruto or something good on Adult swim), Clothes, Colors, and Pokémon.

Here are a list of my beloved Pokémon:

Dragonite, Togekiss, Houndoom, Houndour, Ampharos, and Eevee.

I am always looking to buy! IF you have any pokemon plushies, Kid figures, or cards
of any of my beloved pokemon then please let me know!
I would like items to be in good/great condition,
with no-very minimal damage; they do not have to have tags on them!

If you wish to talk please contact/talk to me please do so on my: gmail account.

I have 2 places where I show off my pokemon collection:
So, if you want you can check them out I love showing off my collection, and I would love to see yours too! ^-^

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