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My sales/trades! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Hello Everyone! :3

It's been awhile. After moving out awhile ago, I brought a couple of my plushies to my new home.
New sales

~All Rules apply~
I will also trade the ONLY items I am after are the:
-Authentic Anbu Kakashi GEM figure (I will trade/pay for this item)
-Poketime Togekiss plush
-Dragonite pokedoll (No tags, good condition)
-Minky Eevee pokedoll (No tags can be fine, but in good condition)
-Eevee Holding Christmas Gift Box ( I really want that one, lol)
-HQ laying Eevee plush

I will take commitment over quotes, so if someone is committed to an item then they get it.
If you feel an item is too much then we can negotiate a price; just let me know!
I ship most items out in bubble mailers, I ship from KY, US and use USPS; I am only shipping within the US.
-Shipping starts at: $3.50+ for plushies.

(I am NOT responsible for damage or lost goods!)I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
I will ship through standard mail which is very cheap it may or may not come with free tracking.
-If you want me to show you the receipt I will gladly do so.
Please note that bigger plushies will be $7.50 and items that are glass or fragile will be placed inside a box which will increase the price as well.
-I will only accept paypal as payment; please send payments to: jessycollis@gmail.com
-ONLY if you are 100% committed then I am willing to do holds.
I moved into a pet free non-smoker home.

I am a full time. So I will try and ship whenever I have the time: I'm off Saturdays and Tuesdays.

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Pokemon Cards UFT :3

Hello y'all!
And welcome to my card trading post.

All cards are pretty much minty.
I pulled them from a pack and quickly placed inside the binder.
When trading I will put them in a sleeve and a hard case to make sure they are 100% perfect when going to their new owners.
-(Rare) Blaziken: Holo,
-(Rare) Noivern: Holo,
-(Rare) Clawitzer: RH,
-Raichu: RH,
-Shroomish: RH,
-Lumineon: RH.

-(Rare) Blaziken: RH
-(Rare)Hawlucha: RH,
-Machop: RH,
-Clefairy: RH,
-(Rare)Electivire: RH

-(Rare) Gothitelle: RH,
-(Rare) Pangoro: RH

-(Rare) Gourgeist: Holo
-(Promo) Trevenant: Holo
-Gothorita: RH

-Vigoroth: RH





-(Rare) Beedrill

-(Promo) Ditto: Holo
-(Rare) Flygon: Holo
-(Rare) Ludicolo: holo
-(Rare) Eelektross: Holo
-(Rare) Probopass: RH
-Torchic: FA
-Nidoran: RH
(Both Spheals and the Rhyperior aren't for trade)
The secret enhanced hammer /traded
Dragonite and Amphy

❤【Seeking some wishies/Trading】❤

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~So please let me know if you wish to trade!

Here are all the wishies that I am after. <3

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I am only seeking: Bags/wallets, plushies and kid figures; so if you have anything that I do not have
please let me know and show me a picture of the item~

The items I am trading are located on my WEEBLY Account:
Jessy's pokemon collection
they have pictures; so if you are wondering about their condition just ask me. (:
Dragonite and Amphy

Oh why must this be!

Would you like to hear a funny fail on my end? I promise it is Pokémon related.
So after being crushed I find it funny enough to share and hope others find this funny as well.

FINALLY Pokemon X and Y are out today.
So I go to Gamestop today with my twin; we cracked jokes as I told him about this amazing game, and about the mega-evolutions. I mean did you see MEGA HOUNDOOM and AMPHAROS? Oh gosh they are to die for hehe.

Pokemon X Failed
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Dragonite and Amphy

Pokemon Game

At 11pm my twin and I stopped at GameStop to get his pre-order game: GTA 5. While he was paying he had an extra game to trade in and it was enough to pay for, can you guess it? Pokemon X! So I pre-ordered it and got my poster. I cannot wait for this game; I'm so sad it's a month away. Oh and I saw a box of pokemon rumble figures in the mall at GameStop ealier this morning -I am so buying a few whenever I get the time. /squeals.

And that ends today's journal.
Dragonite and Amphy

Intro Post


Hello everyone! Here is a little introduction of me: Jessyistired!
The name is Jessica, but Jessy for short. I am a 22 year old turning 23 in May, wootwoot!

I LOVE pokemon!
My collection consist of: Eevee, Houndoom/Houndour, Togepi/Togekiss, Ampharos, and Dragonite.
I collect a variety of: cards, kid figures, and of course plushies.

I'm a very bubbly/happy person; but I frown upon vulgar language.
Asides from being shy I am a very laid back individual once you get to know me.
I tend to have very small circle of friends, I enjoy hiding more than being seen. Sorry, its just how I am, but hey if you get me out of my bubble I promise I will rock your world and be a bowl of sunshine.

I mostly work at dollar general.
Dream: I'm hoping to go to school soon and pursue a career into becoming a physical therapist.
I love listening to music: anything besides old rock and country, play video games (Even if I'm not the best), Draw, swing, take care of animals, or being out there~
That is mostly it, if you wish to add me as a friend I will kindly accept as long as you are nice.

So enough about me and more onto my pokemon:
I made a new website on Weebly for my pokemon collection, which is: Jessy's pokemon collection
It has individual pictures of my: plushies, kids, and random items I collect, so please check it out!
I also have a wishlist and tradelist but that speak for itself. So I am trading items I have for items I am seeking; but if you have items that I may be interested in then please let me know! (: